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My earliest childhood crafting memories are of my Mum teaching me to wind wool around 4 nails attached to the top of a cotton reel, where a long sausage shape of wool would appear out of the end! This craft was French knitting I've no idea what I did with that wool sausage! Also living by the seaside I used to collect pebbles, take them home, paint and varnish them and voila - a paperweight!

In 1986 I had a life changing illness which left me with spinal damage and a limitation to my mobility. Luckily my hands and arms were not affected so crafting became really important to me. It was something creative I could do by myself or with friends and was always such a positive activity in stimulating mind and spirit.

Over the years I've developed this creative streak by attending  many workshops to learn new skills. I find it a really fun activity to do with friends, it's just so nice learning something new and going home with a new creation. Now of course I often tap into YouTube for fresh inspiration.


I'm always collecting bits and bobs from packaging, clothing, gift cards etc - ribbons, buttons, papers and my creative stash keeps growing! It's always good to recycle and well you never know when they will come in handy.

My passion lately is making the bottle lights - each one is so different and I love to experiment. 

After attending a business start up course run by the wonderful Optivo Increase VS, it gave me the skills and confidence to turn my hobby into a business and so Caroline's Home Crafts was created.

I'm looking forward to selling  some of my creations and to teach others and pass on my crafting bug!

Caroline Faller
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