Each glass bottle I hand decorate, the shape and style of which influencing which papers, gems, ribbons and embellishments I will use. My aim is to create a design which looks ornamental during the day then creates ambiance in the darker hours.

Each bottle comes with a USB rechargeable, long lasting LED string light that sits neatly in the bottle neck. No worries with buying and replacing fiddly batteries, no wires to conceal, just a neat beautiful light to enhance your home. 

Remove the cork stopper, pop it into a USB port and in only 20 minutes your light is ready to glow for 8-10 hours- most similar lights only last up to 3 hours!

I test every light before sale and often get way longer than 10 hours.

A simple twist at the base of the light turns them on and all lights are white to naturally enhance the colour of the bottle and decorations. 

Great for creating atmosphere when the 'big light' is just too much and you just need a soft glow. 

Imagine one on your dining table, in your hallway, by your bedside, as a nightlight for a child's room or in any dark area that we all have somewhere in our homes.

Ideal for al-fresco events too - just bring them indoors afterward to protect them. 

Of course, don't keep them all to yourselves - they make great unique gifts too!

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